Michelle Egan, a lifelong resident of St. Paul, Minnesota, has been interested in drawing her entire life. 

Michelle attended Gustavus Adolphus College and later received a BA in Psychology from the University of Minnesota. She also attended Minneapolis Technical College and completed a two-year program in Commercial Art.

Michelle has extensive experience in portrait art, as well as mural painting, faux finishes on walls and furniture, acrylic and oil painting and landscape design.

In 2003, Michelle completed a two-year program in Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui. She is a certified Feng Shui consultant, having received her training from Carole J. Hyder, a well-respected teacher of Feng Shui.  Twin Cities Feng Shui Consulting.

Combining her knowledge of Feng Shui and her gifted artistic skills, Michelle likes to promote health, happiness and balance in her clients' lives.

Michelle resides in the Miriam Park neighborhood of St. Paul with her husband and their cat.

About the Artist

About the Art

I have always been fascinated by faces.  We as human beings, are shaped by the face we are given.  Our lives continue to shape that face as we live out our years.

Some of my earliest memories are of staring at people, and trying to imagine how the passage of time would affect their face.  The wrinkles and scars of a lifetime are beautiful because they tell the story of that life. 

With each portrait, I try to capture the essence of the subject.  My portraits serve to remind me of the humanity that we all share.  Once one get behind the eyes, and under the skin, we are more alike than different.

A friend asked me to do a portrait of her dog.  I enjoyed it so much that I expanded into pet portraits.  By focusing on the eyes, I capture the spirit of each animal.

The spaces we inhabit are also part of our lives.  The places we live and visit hold special meaning.  In my architectural portraits I am particularly interested in light and shadow, and how they transfer life to a captured image.